Chicken Hatch Dates 2018
Large Fowl
January 31
February 5​
February 28
March 26
April 4
April 18
May 9
June 6
June 26
Aug 8

Orders (or combined orders with your friends) of 100 or more
for August 30​​

Same dates as above none on March 26 and April 18 

Starting February 28 +
same hatch dates as Large Fowl

2017 Turkey
Hatch Dates

April 18
May 9
June 6

To avoid disappointment order your Turkey's in March. ​

2017 Guinea Keets Hatch Date

June 6 and 26

     Breeds we sell 
2018 Ducks and Geese Hatch

April 4 78% PRE-SOLD

Waterfowl sells out quickly.
Reserve yours for 2018 now!

AMERAUCANA,  Ameraucana Bantam, AUSTRALORP,  Barnevelder, BELGIAN BEARDED D'UCCLES MILLE FLEUR, Belgian Bearded d'Uccles Porcelain, BRAHMA BUFF, Brahma Dark, BRAHMA LIGHT, Broiler - Freedom Ranger, Button Quail, CHANTECLER BUFF, Chantecler Partridge, COCHIN STD. BLUE, Cochin, Mottled Bantam, COCHIN STD. BUFF, Cochin, Std. Gold Laced, COCHIN STD. RED, Crevecoeur, CUBALAYA BLUE RED, Dark Cornish, DUCK CAYUGA, Duck Crested Indian Runner Fawn & White, DUCK KHAKI CAMPBELL, Duck Crested Magpie Black and White, DUCK CRESTED PEKIN WHITE, DUCK EAST INDIA, Dutch Cream Light Brown Bantam, FREEDOM/RAINBOW RANGER, Frizzle Cochin Bantam Buff, FRIZZLE COCHIN BANTAM BLACK, Frizzle Cochin Bantam Red, FRIZZLE COCHIN BANTAM WHITE, GIFT SHOP, Golden Campine, GOSLING PILGRIM, Gosling Embden, HAMBURG SILVER SPANGLED, Lakenvelder Golden, MARANS BLACK COPPER, Marans Cuckoo, AMERICAN MARANS CUCKOO (Clean Leg), ORPINGTON BUFF, Orpington Red, ORPINGTON WHITE Polish Std. Gold Laced, POLISH STD. SILVER LACED, POLISH, WHITE CRESTED BLACK, Polish Std. Red Crested Red, POLISH STD. BUFF LACED, Plymouth Rock Barred, PLYMOUTH ROCK WHITE, Plymouth Rock Partridge, POULTRY SUPPLIES, Quail, RHODE ISL RED, Russian Orloff, SALMON FAVEROLLES, SILKEN BLACK, Silkies Blue, SILKIES BUFF, Silkies Red, SILKIES WHITE, Spitzhauben, Sultan, SUSSEX SPECKLED, Turkey, Water Nipples, WELSUMMER, Wyandotte Blue Laced Red,  WYANDOTTE COLUMBIAN, Wyandotte Gold Laced, WYANDOTTE SILVER LACED, and many many more...  check out our catalogue...

If you don't see the breed of domestic fowl you are looking for,
email us;  we will do our best to get it for you!          

We will bring in large fowl, bantams and broiler chicks any month you need them though  for the best selection order 6 weeks ahead of the dates shown on the guide
at the right.

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Freedom Ranger Broilers
12 months a year 

Other 2018 Poultry by special order

*Peafowl and Pheasant:
*Due to health regulations and bio-security we are no longer able to offer Peafowl and Pheasants.

​​​​​Quail: Coturnix/Japanse, Bobwhite and Button by special order
 and pending availability.
A great place to pick up chicks!

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