Please ​note:

All of our catalogue pricing listed is for day-old chicks and is a guide only. Prices and availability are subject to change.  If there is a difference between the catalogue and actual sales price the sales price shall prevail.


Availability dates are shown with each breed in the catalogue.  Please place your order for one availability date at a time.  Place separate orders for separate poultry availability dates.  This will ensure you will have access to book separate pick up appointments, one for each available date.  After confirming your order DO NOT OPT OUT OF TEXT MESSAGES.  If you opt out of text messaging you will not receive any pick up reminder by text.

An email will be ​​sent to you with your order confirmation which includes a "Book Now for Pick Up" button.  You will then have the opportunity to book your order pick up.  Click on that button and it will take you to the booking site.  If you run into a page error, please call us at 604-791-FOWL (3695) or book directly from the e-commerce store Booking Button.  

Not all breeds are available at all times.  Many poultry breeds have a naturally seasonal reproduction ​​ limiting their availability to those months of the year, and hatcheries do not always set all breeds/varieties in the same hatch.  Click here to check on seasonal availability.  We also have space restrictions and due to demand, hatchery availability and the forces of nature we cannot always fill every breed listed.

                                                                       BOOKING ORDER PICK UP:

Once you place an order through the on-line catalogue you will receive an order confirmation by email that will allow you to book your pick order pick up date/time. As the Buyer, you are solely responsible for booking order pick ups.  Your order will be filled by us upon your arrival. 

You have full control over your bookings and may change them to any other time slot still available for your order pick up weekend by returning to your email link.

All chick orders placed through our e-commerce store and through any waitlist are subject to a first come first served basis. The orders are filled based on pick up dates and times booked, not by the date the order is placed. Book early and for the earliest possible date and time available.  If there are any shortages for any reason, you will be more likely to receive your entire order​ if you are among the first to pick up.​

Automated Pick up reminders​​​​ will be sent to your email address and by text.  Please ensure your email address and phone number are correct.  Please do not opt out of text message when you are confirming your order to avoid missing out on the text reminder.

Orders picked up 1 day late may be subject to "cheep babysitting" fees.

​If you miss your booked pick up date your order will be considered forfeit by end of day of the last available fulfillment date for your order availability.  

​​                                                                         "CHEEP BABYSITTING":
                                                               AS A RULE WE NO LONGER OFFER THIS SERVICE.

​​​​If a written agreement exists between the Buyer and Beau Peep Farms via e-mail. Then Beau Peep Farms will hold poultry for the contractual period, after which the order will be deemed forfeit. No period shall extend past a maximum of 7 days time.​​​​​ We do not guarantee availability of some or any poultry in held orders due to any unforeseen circumstances. 

​​It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to book and keep PICK UP APPOINTMENTS.

"​Cheep Babysitting" for a late pick up may be applied and is calculated based on the number of days late and is an amount charged per fowl.  (Total number of fowl) multiplied by ($ rate applicable) multiplied by (number of days). 

                                                                  ​​"CHEEP BABYSITTING" RATES:

​Pick up your chicks on time to avoid FORFEIT of your order.

Extra charges for poultry held by written agreement between the buyer and Beau Peep Farms known as "Cheep babysitting" is to be applied from day one of availability as follows: for Chicks and Guinea Keets is $1.00 per day.  Broilers, Turkey Poults, Ducklings and Goslings are $2.00 per day.  This covers the cost for feed, bedding, heat lamps, electricity labour and overhead.  Due to space restrictions we can only hold all poultry except for broilers for up to a maximum of 7 days from first availability date, with broilers and waterfowl the maximum hold period is 5 days from first availability date.

Cheep Babysitting is due and payable by CASH ONLY at the time of pick up..


                                                                                       ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WAIT LISTING:

​​Placing an order / holding poultry for a future pick up date (does not apply to requests year prior):
All chick orders placed through our e-commerce store and through any waitlist are subject to a first come first served basis.  The orders are filled based on pick up dates and times booked, not by the date the order is placed.  Book early.

​​To reserve your chicks and be put into a long term queue / waiting list (such as waterfowl for the following year) a 50% deposit is required. Deposits and/or payments in full guarantee up to a maximum of 1 weeks hold, with cheep babysitting payable upon pick up. (see "Cheep Babysitting")


We no longer ship poultry all across Canada. On the rare occasion that shipping within BC is available for poultry, it will be by direct air live cargo only.  To inquire about shipping call 604-791-FOWL (3695).  We still do ship products and supplies at buyers expense.

Beau Peep Farms
A great place to pick up chicks!

​What's happening in the world today can have an affect on all of us tomorrow.
At Beau Peep Farms we often sell out of chicks, this can happen for many reasons beyond our control.

In 2023 there will be a shortage due to the devastating affects of the Avian Influenza outbreaks in North America throughout 2022.  In many cases entire breeder flocks were wiped out leaving no breeders to supply the hatchery with the precious fertile eggs, in other cases there are still breeders but so few that they will be keeping most or all of the eggs to increase the breeder flocks. Supply and demand will likely also play a factor in determining price per chick in the upcoming season, which is likely to rise.

 In 2020 and 2021 there was an extreme shortage due to an overwhelming and unforeseen demand, interruptions to freight and travel bans which affected all poultry fanciers.


                                                                        FORFEIT DATE:

​Due to space limitations, new scheduling requirements due to guidelines set by our regulatory government agencies and too many people ignoring their assigned pick up appointments, a new policy regarding FORFEIT of orders is now effective.

The "FORFEIT DATE" is 1 day past pick up appointment window (bookable dates for your poultry order availability), or closing time on the written agreement date arranged (in the case of "cheep babysitting"), whichever comes first. The forfeit date will be strictly adhered to unless other arrangements have been made prior and in writing with Beau Peep Farms.

If no written arrangements have been made between the Buyer and Beau Peep Farms, poultry orders will be automatically considered forfeited the day after the missed pick up appointment OR at 5:00 PM on the final pick up day open to the order's availability, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. 

Absolutely no refunds nor credits on forfeit orders of poultry. 
​​Orders will begin to be filled beginning ON APRIL 1ST, 2023.  Please note that not all fowl breeds/varieties will be available for every availability date.  Off season orders (August through to the end of March each year) must be a minimum of 100 chicks.

​​If you do not find a breed or variety of fowl you are looking for or find we are sold out, after shopping our catalogue (e-commerce store), please email us your poultry "wish list". We offer many breeds and varieties but due to space restrictions and hatchery availability not all are available at all times. We will let you know what is available or when the breeds you are interested in will be next available when we reply to your email. Even if we don't list the breed/variety of poultry your heart desires, put it on your list and email it to us anyway!

​Please note waterfowl needs to be ordered the year prior or in January for April, the only month we have waterfowl available each year. For seasonable availability see our "What we offer" page.


                                                                             CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS and CREDITS:

Just as poultry orders must be placed prior to the order cut off date, cancellations of poultry orders must also be prior the the order cut off date. ​Orders for day old poultry cancelled prior to the order cut off date will be 100% refunded.  Orders for day old poultry cancelled after the cut off date will not be refunded. ​No Exceptions. 

Cancelled o
rders for merchandise or the portion of any order including day old poultry orders that is comprised of merchandise is 100% refundable at any time prior to shipping.  Once merchandise orders are shipped they are no longer refundable.   

In order to receive a refund for defective merchandise, the merchandise must be returned to Beau Peep Farms within 2 weeks of purchase and in it's original packaging .  Return shipping of merchandise is at the buyers expense. 

We strive to ensure we have all of the poultry needed to fulfill all of the orders we receive, however there still may be times when day old poultry you have ordered is not available at the time of pick up (this can happen due to many unforeseen circumstances (such as errors in fulfillment by the hatcheries, shipping losses, shortage, nature etc.).  If this should happen you may keep a credit on your account for future orders, use the credit to purchase substitute day old poultry at the time of pick up or spend the credit amount on anything else in our store.  If this is not satisfactory, you may request a refund for the day old poultry that was not available and we will refund 100% of the sale price for the unavailable portion of your order.

                                                                                                 RETURNS and EXHANGES:

No exchanges, returns or refunds on poultry.​  When picking up your day old poultry you will be given the opportunity to no-contact examine​​​​​​ the poultry selected for you, to ensure they are active, lively and free of defects.  Once poultry leaves our care their transport, continued health and needs are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Shipping of poultry is always risky and is at the buyers expense at the buyers risk, there is no refunds for losses due to shipping.

​Please do not ask us to bring out extra chicks for the sake of making a selection to suit your preferences based on colour or other superficial appearances​​.  This practice causes undue stress to the poultry by being needlessly shuttled out and back into our brooders.