BEFORE CLICKING on "TO SEE OUR CATALOGUE"  link, please read this! 

​​We are only able to fill orders for
​Guinea keets hatching June 2 if
​orders are placed no later than 5pm on May the 27th. 

​​For the remainder of the year we will only be able to supply Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicks. Freedom Rangers hatch June 2, 30, Aug 4 and Sept 1.  Orders must be placed through our webstore (by clicking on the CATALOGUE LINK ABOVE) no later than 1 week prior to the hatch date.

​​All Bantams, Large Fowl Heritage breeds and Turkey's etc. will not be available again until 2022.

​​Please note:

Please email us your poultry "wish list".  We offer many breeds and varieties but due to space restrictions and hatchery availability not all are available at all timesWe will let you know what is available or when the breeds you are interested in will be next available when we reply with our quote to your email. Even if we don't list the breed/variety of poultry your heart desires, put it on your list and email it to us anyway!

All of our catalogue pricing listed is for day-old chicks and is a guide only. Prices and availability are subject to change.  If there is a difference between the catalogue and actual sales price the sales price shall prevail.  Availability dates will be sent to you with your order confirmation ticket number by email.  Please note waterfowl needs to be ordered in January for April, the only month we have waterfowl available each year.  For seasonable availability see our "What we offer" page.

There is no tax on Livestock nor livestock feed.  PST and GST are payable on all other chicken related supplies listed in our catalogue.

Not all breeds are available at all times.  Many poultry breeds have a naturally seasonal reproduction ​​ limiting their availability to those months of the year, and hatcheries do not always set all breeds/varieties in the same hatch.  Click here to check on seasonal availability.  We also have space restrictions and due to demand, hatchery availability and the forces of nature we cannot always fill every breed listed.

Ordering from the catalogue:

Once you place an order through the on-line catalogue we will email you with an order confirmation ticket number that will show the hatch date your order will be filled on, the earliest available date, the date that cheep babysitting will apply if a written agreement is made to hold poultry for the allowable period, and what the forfeit date is unless your pick up appointment says otherwise or there is a written agreement to hold poultry for the allowable period (Maximum of 10 days of age).​


Cheep Babysitting:
If you miss your PICK UP APPOINTMENT which will be sent to you by email prior to the hatch.  Cheep babysitting is calculated based on the number of days old the chick will be at time of pick up.

​Pick up your chicks on time to avoid FORFEIT of your order.

Extra charges for poultry held by written agreement between the customer and Beau Peep Farms known as "Cheep babysitting" is to be applied as follows: for Chicks and Guinea Keets is $1.00 per day beginning at 1 days of age.  Broilers, Turkey Poults, Ducklings and Goslings are $2.00 per day starting at 1 days of age.   This covers the cost for feed, bedding, heat lamps, electricity labour and overhead.  Due to space restrictions we can only hold all poultry except for broilers for up to a maximum of 10 days from any hatch date, with broilers and waterfowl the maximum hold period is 7 days from hatch date.

Cheep Babysitting is due and payable at the time the bird(s) leave our care and will be charged based on the actual number of days of age the bird is at that time.

Placing an order / holding poultry for a future pick up date:
All chick orders are subject to a first come first served basis.  To reserve your chicks and be put into the queue / waiting list a 50% deposit is required one month prior to the hatch date.  Hatch dates are and pick up dates are included on all quotes.  Deposits and/or payments in full guarantee up to a maximum of 1 weeks hold, with cheep babysitting payable upon pick up. (see "Cheep Babysitting")

We ship all across Canada by direct air live cargo only.  Select shipping listed in the catalogue then name of airline and then destination. For more details see our shipping page. 

Young White Guinea keet

Beau Peep Farms
A great place to pick up chicks!

​What's happening in the world today can have an affect on us all tomorrow.
At Beau Peep Farms we are often sell out of chicks, this can happen for many reasons beyond our control. In 2020 and 2021 there was an extreme shortage due to an overwhelming and unforeseen demand, interruptions to freight and travel bans which affected all poultry fanciers.


Due to space limitations, new scheduling requirements due to guidelines set by our regulatory government agencies and too many people ignoring their assigned pick up appointments, a new policy regarding FORFEIT of orders is now effective.

The "FORFEIT DATE" is now 7 days of age OR 1 day past pick up appointment, whichever comes first. The forfeit date will be strictly adhered to unless other arrangements have been made prior and in writing with Beau Peep Farms.

If no written arrangements have been made, your poultry order will be automatically considered forfeited the day after the missed pick up appointment OR at 5:00 PM the day the poultry becomes 7 days old, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST (except if the pick up date we assigned you or agreed with you in writing is after the 7 day age and NO MORE THAN THE MAXIMUM OF 10 DAYS of age for a pre-arranged cheep babysitting agreement).

50% of your order cost will also be forfeited in order to cover our costs. Your chicks will not be reordered until you have contacted us.
We are now taking orders for the 2021 season.  Orders will begin to be filled in February of 2021.  Please note that not all fowl breeds/varieties will be available in February.  Off season orders must be a minimum of 100 chicks.