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These male chickens are currently
Adoption fee of $25 per bird

Large Fowl Cockerels (young roosters) available:  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

March 25 Hatch:

​1 Dark Brahma​

April 3 Hatch:

​2 Barnevelder

April 17 Hatch: 

​1 Aseel
1 Salmon Faverolle
1 Black Jersey Giant
1 Danish brown Leghorn
1 Plymouth Barred Rock
1 Gold Laced Wyandotte​​​

May 1 Hatch:

1 French Cuckoo Marans​​

Large Fowl Roosters (12 months or older) available:​

Available from May 9th 2018 Hatch:

​2 Crested Cream Legbar

​1 Araucana X Legbar

2 English Blue Orpington (excellent type colour needs improvement) Gorgeous big heavy birds!

2 Jubilee​ Orpington​

​​Bantam Fowl Cockerels (young roosters) available:

March 6 Hatch:

1 Blue Silken

April 3 2019 Hatch:

1 Blue Silken
4 Silver Laced Cochin​​​

Bantam Fowl Roosters (12 months or older) available:

Available from May 2018 hatch:

1 Black Silken​​

From June 2017:

1 black frizzle ​​​"needing an attitude adjustment"

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