We often have Cockerels/Roosters looking for new coops to call home!

At Beau Peep Farms we believe that all creatures need and deserve to be treated with love and respect, and not all roosters should end up on someone's dinner plate!

​We sell pre-sexed (by means of auto-sexing or vent-sexing of breeds that are not auto-sexing) chicks to avoid raising a surplus of roosters.  Bantam breeds are not sold as sexed as they are neither auto-sexing nor vent sexable as they are simply too tiny to vent sex at hatch.  The accuracy rate for vent-sexing is 90% or better, which means that one in every ten or more chicks that was supposed to be a pullet is actually a cockerel. Very young chicks are impossible to tell apart, the differences begin to appear as they age. We do our best to identify these birds in our care as early as possible in order to not sell them as pullets (females).  There is still a chance you will end up with an "accidental rooster" (male).  Those who end up with a cockerel (young male) in error are often faced with the dilemma (due to municipal bylaws or other concerns)  to keep it, eat it, sell it or place it.

We used to be able to help by giving them a temporary home in our designated quarantine area and posting them on our "Rooster Roster" but are no longer able to do so.  Due to new regulations and our own increased bio-security measures,  once the birds leave our farm they cannot be returned.  

If you have space in your coop for a rooster or would like a purebred rooster for breeding purposes check out our
Rooster Roster!

If you have an "accidental rooster" that you wish to surrender please do not leave it at our doorstep.  We no longer have a quarantine area/space available for these birds due to bio-security concerns we are no longer accepting cockerels or any birds from off site.   Thank you.

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