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Breed Showcase
This page is for promoting new, rare or special breeds and varieties of poultry. 
Houdan, Mottled

st of Paris.
The Houdan or Poule de Houdan is an old French breed of domestic chicken. It is named for its area of origin, the commune of Houdan, in the département of Yvelines to the west of Paris.

Just like Polish and Crevecoeurs, Houdans are crested with fluffy 'dos and have a v-shaped comb. Houdans are unique, however, in having 5 toes and a beard. They're considered very docile and amenable to confinement. They're also efficient in terms of food eaten to egg ratio.

The cockerel and cocks have a more prominent, larger and more noticeable V-comb (looks like red devil's horns) and a larger "Messy" crest on top of their head.  The Pullets and hens have a neat rounded crest and while still having a v-comb it is small lighter in colour and hidden due to their neat crest.

We have owned a pair of Mottled Houdans for 9 years now.  Maybe you have been to Beau Peep Farms and seen them behind the viewing wall.  We named them Skylar and Shilo.  Shilo has sadly passed away at age 9 but Skylar is now 10 years old and we can say that we have loved every minute spent with them.  They started out the typical yellow and black fuzzy chicks and grew to mostly black with white dots on them.  Over the years and with each subsequent moult they have turned more white, becoming half and half mottled black and white if not more white than black.. Just like we go grey with age so do they!  Shilo laid eggs up to the summer of 2016 with her last one just after her 9th birthday on June 18th, 2016.  Shilo has since passed away but Skylar is still with us past his 10th Birthday on June 18, 2017 and is still going strong!  Skylar was fertile up to 7 years of age.  They are wonderful friendly and smart birds that have made fantastic pets.  Cockerels are heavy and grow rapidly so they make for good eating whilst the pullets are beautiful and very good layers.

Mottled Houdan day old chicks are available in VERY limited quantities through Beau Peep Farms in  2019, with an even smaller quantity available sexed early in the season.
Breed Facts

Origin / History:

Class:  Continental, French

Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs

Egg production (annual): 150

Egg size: large

Egg colour:  white

Temperament: Docile, Sweet, Easy to handle

Recognized variety: Mottled, White

Status: Rare / Threatened

​​Adult Weight:
Large Fowl
Size: Very Heavy (8+ lbs)

Comb Type: V-Shape Comb

Crested: Yes

Bearded:  Yes

Ear Muffs:  Yes

Feathered Legs: No

Number of Toes: 5

Suitability to Backyard Life: Yes

Hardy In Winter: No

Confinement: Bears confinement well

Setter/Broody: Yes

Recognized Varieties: White, Mottled

For more information check out The Livestock Conservancy website:​

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