Beau Peep Farms

A Great Place to Pick Up Chicks!

We care deeply for all of God's creatures.

Here at Beau Peep Farms we take utmost care of the day old poultry we are entrusted with.

We care for them until we hand them to you so that you may take them through the rest of their life's journey.  We follow and exceed Federal and Provincial government regulations in regards to our operations, animal husbandry practices, and disease control standards.

We want you to both enjoy raising your poultry and to succeed in raising a thriving, beautiful, happy flock.  In order to help you, we have put together short tutorials on how to do just that. 

How do I access your tutorials?

Above you will find pictures and categories of fowl.  Simply click on the description matching the type of poultry you are raising and it will take you directly to our tutorial page.

If you should find any errors that you would like to bring to our attention or have any additional advice that you believe should be added please contact us with your suggestions!  

How else can I receive your advice?

We do enjoy "talking turkey" about poultry in person at our store whenever we can.

For more great tutorials and helpful articles check out our Facebook page!  We love interaction, so please leave your comments and/or questions in the comments sections of our Facebook articles (keep it clean - no "fowl" language permitted!).  We also love when people share pics of their Beau Peeps on our Facebook page. 

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