Bantam and Large Fowl breeds
Hatching February thru July or August

Other Poultry
April, May & June 

Guinea Keets
​​Hatching June 

Quail: Bobwhite, California, Coturnix/Japanse and Button no longer available due to our bio-security protocols.
 Water Fowl
Ducks and Geese Hatching April 
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Freedom Ranger Broilers
12 months a year
(minimum quantities apply Aug- Jan)
Limited Quantities of Poultry Available.

First Come First Served!​
Turkey Poults 

Orlopp Bronze Turkey,
Available May - June​​

​​Broiler Chicks

Available 12 months of
​the year (August thru February
​minimum quantities ​will apply)

Large Fowl Chicks

Available February/March thru
to the​ end of August
​​​Sexed Houdans, Sexed Polish,
​Blue Laced Red​
Wyandottes are available 
February/March only.​

​Bantam Breed Chicks

Available February/March
By special order the rest of the season.​​

Started, Juvenile or Ready to Lay

Available infrequently.
Limited stock ​​​​​.
First come first serve basis only.


Available April


Available April ​

​​Guinea Keets

Available June

Peafowl & Pheasant




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you reserve your order far in advance, you open yourself up for the best possible chance to get what you want, when you want it. Whether you are looking for 3 chicks or 300 we're here to make that happen. You can reserve now simply by emailing us your "wish list" and pay later (a minimum of 30 days prior to the hatch date).

Keep in mind, we're hassle free. Don't see a breed available just yet? Put it on your wish list anyway. We can always add to your order, free of fees, at a later time. Since we are literally counting our chicks before they hatch, we have to be a little cautious. Once the hatcheries birds start laying and the eggs are accounted for, we can update inventory which means more chicks and more breeds always becoming available.
For the novice and pro alike:

We carry poultry supplies​​, collectibles, novelties, tee- shirts, hats, mugs and more​​!

See the Catalogue or visit our store for more details!​​
​Beau Peep Farms sells day old chicks. 
​We are not in the business of selling  ready to lay or started chicks
​ We sell on a first-come-first-served basis and will ONLY HOLD PREPAID ORDERS of chicks (other than Broilers) for a day or two.
Sorry we are not able to hold Broiler chicks for more than 1 week of age (7 days old).

​​ To hold them here for you we charge a minimum of $1.00 per day up to $2.00 per day (gosling).  This "Cheep Babysitting" fee is payable when you pick up your prepaid order after the first available weekend.
(Cheapest babysitting you'll ever find!)

​​ Orders not claimed within the 1 or 2 week deadline are deemed forfeited and will be offered for sale as started chicks on a first-come first-served basis.

​ NO REFUNDS ON UNCLAIMED BIRDS.  We will issue you a credit for the amount you have paid.  The best we can do is try to fill your order from a subsequent hatch date(s), keep in mind that the breeds we had for you on your original order may not all be available for your next chosen date/hatch.  Hatcheries do not always have every breed available at each hatch date or may be sold out.

​​ Older birds (LEFT BEHIND OR LEFT OVER) are sold on a first come first served  basis for their day old/base price plus the total cost for "cheep babysitting" and other growth related charges, following this period they are posted ​for
​auction to the highest bidder.  See the facebook group page BeauPeep Farms Fans.

If you typically want ready to lay pullets or point of lay birds in the spring
​or have been ordering point of lay pullets annually:
​ Think about ordering Pure Breed, Heritage and Old -time Favourite Breeds instead of Hybrids.  While Hybrids are typically replaced annually due to their sharply reduced egg production the Pure Breeds only need replacing every three or more years as their rate of lay diminishes gradually in comparison.

​Order your chicks in July for August or September.  Once you have your chicks end of season chicks, all you will need to do is raise them for 16 weeks and you will have fresh ready to lay pullets.  They will reward you with plenty of eggs by early spring as lovely point of lay pullets.

Yes we do sell both the Pure Breeds and Hybrid Chicks.​​
To avoid extra charges please pick up your poultry on the appointment date/time assigned to your order. Thank you. 

All poultry must be picked up on their appointed pick up time or prior to 7 days of life.
For poultry not picked up by day 7 (following the hatch date) or after the assigned pick up date/time                                                
Cheep Babysitting is added on to each chick each day at the following rates:                                                            

CHICK $1.00 
BROILER $1.50                                                                                                                                     
DUCKLING $1.50  
GOSLING $2.00                                                                                                                   
KEET $1.00                                                                                              
POULT $1.50      

A great place to pick up chicks!
Beau Peep Farms

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When will they hatch?
When will they hatch?